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Activities of the Family of Christ Church

Sunday morning worship service

Every Sunday morning, the Family of Christ Church holds a worship service. In this service the Bible is central to the preaching. Worship plays a big part in our services, as does prayer. Both during and after the service there will be prayers, after the service we take extra time to pray for the people on request. After the service there will be coffee or tea ready, and often a meal is prepared where you can just sit down.

We will be open again from September 2020, taking into account the corona measures.






Children's Church

During the service, the children are looked after in a place where they can have fun and receive education about faith in God in their own way and at their own level. Children who come to the service with their parents and are between the ages of 3 and 12 are welcome. Children from the neighborhood can also join the activities. 1 to 2 adults are present with the children. Next to the church building there is a playground, where children can have fun when the weather is nice.







Evening Prayer

You are most welcome every Friday evening at 20:00 at our brothers and sisters' homes for the evening of prayer. Would you like to participate? Please contact us and we will give you the address of that evening. Here we pray for our family and friends, for our acquaintances and for our city and much more. We believe that prayer is an important foundation for the Church.


The Family of Christ Church is a congregation that wants to bring the gospel to the people. That is why the municipality takes to the streets every Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday afternoon we evangelize in the Schalkwijk shopping center at 2 o'clock. If you want to participate, you can, but we ask you to contact pastor Saïd first.

Support Moroccan Christian Community

The initiative to start a network for Moroccan Christians started in the FOCC because we are excited to spread the gospel to all corners of the earth. Part of the organization of the services is also in the hands of our municipality. The Family of Christ Church has a warm heart for Moroccans and Muslims in general. Meetings are held once every two months in Utrecht.

Visit the website for more information:

marokkaanse christenen, Marokkaanse Christengemeenschap, marokkaanse christenen in Nederland
Marokkaanse christenen, Marokkaanse Christengemeenschap, marokkaanse christenen in Nederland
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